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Proudly Providing Roofing and Skylight Services for Southern Ontario

Wondering why you have a leak on the main floor when you have a two story home? Or you have a leak around your skylight only when the wind drives in from the west? Look no further than The Roof Whisperer.

The Roof Whisperer specializes in leaking roof repairs siding siding that are hard to diagnose. The secret is paying attention to what the roof is telling you and repairing it properly. This is easier said than done, unless you have spent the last 20 years hands on thousands of projects, getting certified form major reputable roofing material manufacturers and learning everything you can about roof systems and common roof leaks and repairs. Owner and operator Arthur Kola has!!

Sure he can replace your roof system or siding but Kola has decided to try a different approach by offering best practices of roof and siding repairs to extend the life of your roof and siding. Easiest thing to say is “oh gosh you need a new roof”!!

A simple roof tune up yearly can extend your roof 4-5 years which is huge to Canadian climates. Arthur immigrated to Canada from Albania (beautiful place to visit) with nothing but knowledge and the clothes in his in 2000. Turns out that wall he needed. Arthur knows that paying attention is the key to any successful business and finding and repairing leaking roofs is all about paying attention.

The Roof Whisperer has 100’s of online reviews and is now celebrating 10 years repairing and replacing residential and commercial roof systems for home owners and businesses. The Roof Whisperer has expanded operations and will work directly with insurance companies. After a weather event you may have exposed wood or an urgent leak! Simply let your insurance adjuster know you prefer The Roof Whisperer for your roof repairs or siding services.

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