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The Roof Whisperer of Toronto is the one-stop-solution for all your roof and attic systems.
Most older attics in Toronto are under-insulated so it is a good idea to increase the R value where possible by replacing the existing one when roof work is being performed.

Easy access can be provided from the roof without interfering with your daily tasks inside the house.
Also in some cases where so called knee walls can only be accessed from roof. Such spaces once re-insulated, new insulation will provide high R value and difference will be noticeable immediately inside.

The Roof Whisperer of Toronto offers complete attic insulation services when a roof is being replaced as below:
• Insulation removal
• Vapour barrier installation
• Pot lights air seal
• Protrusions air seal
• Blow in insulation
• 2 lbs Spray foam (Coordinated with a Sprayfoam contractor)
• Intake styrofoam baffles

Our experts will take their time to educate homeowners on the importance of re-insulation and offer the best solutions to improve any roof system.
We proudly show our previous work of before and after pictures to match any solutions for your property.

Use of proven and tested products separates us from many other roofing companies in Toronto.

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