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Adequate ventilation reduces cooling bills, extends shingle life, and prevents roof rots and ice dams in winter. Both roof and soffit vents can be easily installed but knowledge can make the difference.

Attic space should be taken in consideration to determine how many vents can be installed for a balanced attic ventilation.

After assessing roof, attic and intake air soffits The Roof Whisperer of Toronto expert will be able to determine amount and type of vents needed to be installed.
Providing a balanced attic ventilation is one of shingle manufacturer’s requirements to validate any product warranty.

Our experts will take their time to educate homeowners on the importance of ventilation and offer the best solutions to improve any roof system.

We proudly show our previous work of before and after pictures to match any solutions for your property.
Use of proven and tested products separates us from many other attic ventilation companies.

When a new roof is installed attic ventilation system should absolutely checked due to changes in building code or recommendations from elite roofing material manufacturers.

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