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No one knows cedar roofs better than us!

One of our many services includes Cedar Roof Installation and Repairs, throughout the GTA, Cedar roofs are most notable for their striking natural good looks which makes any home or office building attractive, However; apart from that, they have various advantages, including the fact that they are eco-friendly, durable and weather resistant. Even though they have a bright side to themselves, cedar roofs do require a certain amount of care, to keep them at their best for a longer period of time, additionally; You don’t have to worry about that, therefore if you decide to hire us for replacing or installing a cedar roof for you, we’ll ensure you that we will provide you with an efficient cleaning staff whenever you desire.

When should you consider a roof replacement?

Cedar roof replacement is often done in cases where the condition of the existing cedar roofs of any other kind, gets deteriorated. Our professional staff will first thoroughly look at the condition of your cedar roof and only then suggest whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Quite often with cedar roof cases is that some patches could be damaged instead of the entire cedar roof, However; when it comes to repairing an older non-protected cedar roof, what is likely to occur is that one repair turns into to many (patch repairs) because the surrounding wood cannot take the necessary force of the initial shake or shingle removal. This area of repair is now more vulnerable to leaking, then it was before the repair took place. Keeping all this in mind, our professional staff will thoroughly examine the damaged parts of the cedar roof and then decide what steps to take.

Cedar Roof Installation and Repairs

Cedar Roof Installation and Repairs

We are the experts for cedar roofing services and contractors in the GTA

We are one of the few cedar roofing companies in Toronto, who provides expertise services at a very reasonable rate as compared to the market rates, therefore; materials we use for cedar roof replacement is not only durable, but also extracted from one of the most reliable suppliers of cedar in the GTA.

We also act as a cedar roofing contractor at times, which means that we’ll offer cleaning and repairing services to our customers as well, if they desire, after installing it. One of the many reasons why people don’t prefer choosing cedar roofs for their homes or offices, is because they are very difficult to clean and maintain due to their delicate structure, but we ensure that our customers don’t have to face any such problems, and we like to make sure our customers are satisfied.

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