Q1. Do you provide free estimates?

We provide free of charge assessments on leaky skylights in Ajax only. For any other inquires we do provide thorough Ajax roof assessments for a fee of $98.00+ HST, which will be reimbursed if you wish to hire us for any work required to completed rectifying any roofing issue.

Q2. How much does a roof repair cost?

Every leaky roof has its own challenges and roof repair cost can differ. Our minimum charge for a roof repair in starts at $499.00+HST for a walkable roof on a one story house. $599.00+HST for two story homes and $849.00+HST for three story houses. For an additional hours if repair turns into hourly rate we do apply $240/hr for one story, $320/hr for two story, and $440/hr for three story homes.

Q3. Do you provide warranties for a roof repair?

Yes, minimum 90 days workmanship warranty will be provided in writing once work completed and payment made.

Q4. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer 5 % OFF discount to all our repeat customers, military personnel, teachers, police officers and to our lovely senior citizens.

Q5. What kind of payments do you accept?

We do accept different method of payments as listed below:

  • E-transfer (Interac)
  • Cheques ( Only for new roof installations. We regret that we can not accepts cheques for any roof repair and skylight work)
  • Cash (we regret that we can’t provide change for cash payments, and we don’t offer a discount for cash)

Q6. Do you work with General Contractors, Builders or Developers?

Unfortunately We Don’t! We believe 99% of houses are poorly built nowadays, therefore we do not want to associate our company with poor quality or low budget builds.

Q7. What do I do if my asphalt shingles are curling up?

It is a common sign for shingles made from a couple shingle manufacturer. We are not going to name them in our answer but due to poor quality of asphalt when shingles were made, causes shingles to prematurely fail. Risk of shingles to blow off even during light gusts of winds get higher when they are curling. Wind will have more lifting and ripping power. We do recommend an immediate roof replacement with proven brands or other roofing materials.

Q8. Why do I see nowadays so many metal roofs being installed in my neighborhood?

Lately a trend of metal roof installations has been going on. Many companies are taking advantage of a perception that metal roofs last forever! Here at The Roof Whisperer advice homeowners to be careful when deciding to install a metal roof. Most of metal roof products and installations do not really comply with methods of installations practiced since hundreds of years ago from our ancestors in various parts of the world. If you have any question or need to consult regarding pros and cons of metal roofs, contact us at any time.

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