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Roof leak repairs from The Roof Whisperer of Toronto


The Roof Whisperer of Toronto is the one-stop-solution for all your flat roof repair needs.

Different roofing issues in Toronto require different solutions. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about getting subpar service and assistance since the best Toronto’s roofing contractors will be tasked to handle all your roofing needs. Our experts will be able to carefully assess your roofing problem and provide you with the best solution.

We believe we are one of the best flat roofing companies Toronto has to offer.
A wide range of different roof repair services can be offered by our company like:
• Blown off wall cladding
• All types of Flat roof membranes repairs
• Cracked tar and gravel membrane
• Missing or damaged roof flashings
• Exhaust vent leaks
• Bathroom fan vent leaks
• Hvac unit curb leaks
• Leakage caused from drains

Once you call us to request emergency roof repair services in Toronto, we will send a professional service expert to assess your situation and temporarily fix the problem. Once our Toronto flat roof repair expert has fixed the issue temporarily, you can discuss with us a roof replacement or other solutions are needed.

The cost of your emergency flat roof repairs in Toronto will depend on the nature of the damage or cause of leak.
Being a 24/7 Toronto flat roof repair service company will add value to your call and effort to protect your home or property.

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The Roof Whisperer - A Toronto Skylight Contractor

Serving clients with tailored and efficient skylight solutions has been our core mission and we don’t relent in the pursuit to keep this alive. The Roof Whisperer partners with reputable and renowned brands in the industry to ensure we make our clients have a unique experience each time we handle their projects. One of our big and trusted partners is Velux, a brand you can always count on for quality roofing windows and other skylight accessories.

Nothing beats getting fresh air and proper ventilation when at home or even at your commercial places. Velux is partner brand that understands this and strives to provide products that aid better living environments.  Velux was established over 75 years with an undying passion for daylight, fresh and quality, as well better living environments.

The Roof Whisperer has a track record of assisting homeowners with efficient and state-of-the-art products and roof windows of which Velux is a major supplier. As a customer-focused brand and quality-oriented group of skylight experts, we know what it takes to take your project through to completion in line with your specifications.

We are a brand that is always bent on serving you better and we go extra miles to ensure we achieve this. Right from your first contact with us to the last day of completing your project, we only leave you happy and satisfied with our unique customer service and services.

Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb mounted skylights are the most common skylight type. This design requires a box structure for the unit to sit on. The skylight is designed to sit over the curb like a lid on a shoe box. One of the benefits of this design is the ability to replace older skylights without having to re-flash the skylight at the same time. This can greatly reduce the amount of labor required. Another benefit is the ease to manufacture custom sizes. The downside is the higher profile created by the curb and the decreased energy efficiency as most existing curbs are not insulated beyond the 1 ½” thickness of the curb itself.