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Roof Repairs

Profit, profit, commission... Reasons why most of companies will not even offer roof repairs extending the life of your roof. We at The Roof Whisperer have two things in mind when assessing a roof, one is saving huge chunk of money for the customer and two the environment!

Sloped Roofs

How many times do you hear the words “Roof System”?
Not many....
Installing shingles on the roof is one thing but installing a roof system is another. Difference between them is big.
We preach to every employee of ours the importance of doing things once and right and not twice and wrong!!

Flat Roofs

My flat roof leaks! Yes that is true, all of them leak due to workmanship. Following manufacturer‘s guidelines and application techniques will result on a leak free product. Education, integrity and will to leave a legacy, play a big role!!


Skylights are our specialty.
We hear so many times the story of “ Oh you do not need to replace the skylight when you replace your roof.”
Yes you do! Skylights do not outlast lifetime of a roof and vice versa.

The No Leak Skylight
We only use the best of all! Suction cups used for easy lifting up on the roof.
Leaky one to be removed
Got to be watertight!
20 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Red tape was installed from general contractor, not by us....
No use of torch solutions
Flameless repair
Framing a new one.
Our framer Tom is one of the best in town!
Retrofit. Imagination. Experience.
Leaky on flat roof? No Problem
Chris did this...
Olti brought the chalkline on the roof
New Roof , New Skylight
Maintaining the same slate charm but new skylights
Quality Work.....We miss you Olti
New wood smells good!
We know it all.
He quit learning!
Novi works for another company now but hopefully he still applies what he learnt from us.
Peter makes Pizza now!
Peter was one of the first Roof Whisperers. He hated roofing but still a great friend. My sons love going to his pizza restaurant.
Flat roof solutions
No debris inside
Protecting your home
Vinyl Siding
Fire rated DensGlass board installed on top of plywood boards to meet building code where houses are too close to each other
Sequoia Siding
Double Dutch DD 4.5 installed on top of fire rated fibreglass boards. Dark colours and white trim can make a difference in how pretty your house looks on the exterior.
Energy Shield
Double sided aluminum foil 1 inch insulation boards installed to improve R value and shield heat from leaving the house and cold and heat entering it.
A beautiful Cedar shingle vinyl imitation can enhance the appeal of your backyard. This project was completed in the Upper Beaches.
Front in progress...
Every detail counts. Quality workmanship can ensure performance and keep your house water tight for many years to come.
Clean Lines, Beautiful Work!
Reveal Panels
New addition on Yonge and Sheppard. This was a very complex and challenging siding installation. Framing was not squared so we had to use our imagination and different measurement cheating techniques since panels do not give much room to play.
Leaky Siding?
Mistakes can be made but neglecting someone’s property is much worse!! This Cedar shingle siding hadn’t any metal flashing installed on door trim to avoid any leakage.
Yes..... making your walls water tight before installing any type of siding is our priority.
In the Beaches of Toronto
Cedar Shingles
We believe 100 years ago tradesmen did much better work than today, but We are keeping up with the old tradition and craftsmanship. In the Beaches Of Toronto.
Old and ugly but new window though!
Fill the Gaps
Once we removed the old multiple layers of siding large uninsulated gaps were found. We took our time to run to the closest home hardware store and filled the gaps with expandable spray foam.
Not finished yet!
Craftsmanship work on board and batten wood siding, fascia and gable moulding, soffits and composite slate imitation.
Precision and Crafty Work!
Custom Window Capping
Another wood siding repalced in Oakville, ON after leaks caused from north wind driven rains.
My Photographic skills from another angle!
Where does my roof leak come from?
Many roofing contractors were on this job. Roof was replaced two times but still leaking. College and Spadina in Toronto.
No more roof replacements!!
Underlayment and that strip of metal allow water to run down from window corner behind the siding, onto to the roof and not behind it. PROBLEM SOLVED!
Wind driven rains?
Look closer to corner of window! Do you see wood? Oooopss ....Tyvek paper just does not overlap flashing...meaning water runs behind!!!
Sorry old siding!
Do not blame me, blame the rain!
Improper installation from day one can cause such thing.... St Cair and Dufferin Toronto,ON
Watermarks everywhere!
Keeping it watertight while we work!
Nice Work Ehh!
Window trim retrofit
I wish Elton shows up to work everyday. He does nice work!
The beauty of Cedar


Many homeowners are undecided what type of siding they would want to install in their houses and when. We can help! Traditional and old architecture can be contemplated with new products made for that. Modern siding solutions are available as well. A combination of old and modern can bring life to some great designs.


In case you need some another ideas about the gable roof homes. House Plans is the best place when you want about pictures to imagine you, select one or more of these beautiful images.


In case you need some another ideas about the gable roof homes. House Plans is the best place when you want about pictures to imagine you, select one or more of these beautiful images.


In case you need some another ideas about the gable roof homes. House Plans is the best place when you want about pictures to imagine you, select one or more of these beautiful images.



In case you need some another ideas about the gable roof homes. House Plans is the best place when you want about pictures to imagine you, select one or more of these beautiful images.

Rooftop Snow Removal

In case you need some another ideas about the gable roof homes. House Plans is the best place when you want about pictures to imagine you, select one or more of these beautiful images.


What some whisper about us

Alison Paul - Toronto
Skylight Installation
Read More
They did a great job, on time and very cleanly. This included the purchase and installation of skylight/shade and purchase and installation of new roofing on the front table roof of the house. It did NOT include the inside finishing once the skylight was installed. The person recommended was going to charge 750 plus tax to do that. I had my brother help me instead and we managed it in one morning including painting. Our total costs were under 60 including insulation, trim, paint.
Steve - York
Installation Of Sky Light
Read More
Arthur and his team were a treat to work with. The name of his company says it all. From the moment he came to inspect the home to evaluate the work needed all the way towards the end of the installation, we had a terrific feeling we made the right choice. He is honest, forthcoming and incredibly resourceful and carries with him a team that reflects his objective of quality work and amazing customer experience. It goes without saying that the sky light in our kitchen has changed the room for the better and can't imagine the room without it. Surely would we recommend the Roof Whisperer for your next project!
Mike - Toronto
Sloped Roof Replacement, Excellent Work And Price
Read More
Arthur came out to look at my leaking roof the next day after I called and gave me a very reasonable quote on the spot. The work was completed the following week as promised and with the proper materials that were missing before, like ice and water shield and edge flashing. Completely happy with the job and I would highly recommend.
Rob - Toronto
Installed A Flat Roof
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We had Arthur redo a flat roof using a type of material called flexstone which we love. There was an issue with it and they stood by their warranty and had it fixed.
David - Toronto
Roof Repair - Repeat Customer
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Arthur first did a tune up on my new roof in 2012 and came back this year when I called him to diagnose a new issue. He was the only provider to find the issue and fixed it without much wait or fuss. I will use the Roof Whisperer any time a need comes up.
Boyan - Toronto
Roof Shingles Replacement On The House And The Garage, Skylight Installation
Read More
Arthur and the entire crew have been a pleasure to work with. They replaced my roof shingles on time and on budget 5 years ago. They also professionally installed 4x4 ft and 2x4 ft Velux skylights. Since then, Arthur replaced roofs in 60% of the houses on my street, a testament as to how my neighbors rated his work. I had my garage roof replaced couple of months ago, again excellent work and service. I recommend Arthur and The Roof Whisperer without reservation.
John - Toronto
Speedy Service, Great Communication!
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One side of fascia fell off due to strong wind. Called couple companies but no reply. One actually said that they will show up in a week but kept holding me off. Arthur replied me the same day with quote and detailed explanation of repair. He kept me posted of the exact time and date they will arrive. Despite the fact that it was busy season and such a small repair job, I was able to have my roof repaired in a week. Very appreciated.
JJ - Toronto
New Roof
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Quotation was very clear and detailed. Gave links to all materials that were proposed. Workers were very polite and professional. Very neat and cleaned up well after the project was completed. We were pleased with the workmanship and materials used.
Bill - Oakville
Emergency Repair Within 3 Hours Of My Call
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Long story but some fool stepped on my roof and put a hole in it. When it rained the next day the roof was like Niagara Falls. I called The Roof Whisperer and Arthur and his crew showed up within 3 hours of my call. It was all done and fixed within half an hour. These guys are real pros. 10 star service and quality.
Ivar - Toronto
Roof Repairs And Replacement
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We have used The Roof Whisperer in the past for repairs we needed on our roof after wind damage and were equally pleased with them when they did a full roof replacement for us. They were timely, courteous and I was clearly explained the process. They use a higher quality product across the board and it has lead to a roof that I am sure we will get extra years out of.
Mary Nelson
Skylight Installation
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Fantastic work done by our technician. I needed a last-minute roof inspection and he came to save the day. He was extremely thorough, provided a video, pictures, and an estimate, which is exactly what I needed. The company also provided an appointment confirmation and easy payment options. Lastly, the technician also provided me with his professional opinion on what should be done first. Overall, a stupendous experience. I look forward to working with him and his company again.

Charles Salmon
Installation Of Sky Light
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We need to replace the roof on a small building. THE ROOF WHISPERER scheduled a prompt inspection, got us a quote quickly and were very nice to deal with all the way through. After reviewing 3-4 quotes (some cheaper) we went with THE ROOF WHISPERER because of their respect to us as homeowners (a few companies were downright rude and difficult to deal with) and their attention to detail. They did a great job, were very efficient and got the job done quickly! Really recommend based on our experience.
Rob Davis
Sloped Roof Replacement, Excellent Work And Price
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We had Arthur re do a flat roof with flexstone. There was an issue with the roof but they stood by their warranty and had it repaired as if it was brand new. Mistakes happen, that's life, but they dealt with it honestly. Really very much appreciated.
Kia Wright
Sloped Roof Replacement, Excellent Work And Price
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Great communication with the technician! These guys are real roofing specialists!! Got the job done on schedule really swiftly and well! Their workers are pleasant and hard working and clean up well on job site. So professional and good value! I highly recommend them!!! Thank you for the great job!!!
Cooler Mike
Sloped Roof Replacement, Excellent Work And Price
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We had many estimates with different companies. The roof whisperer was very reasonably priced and they did an amazing job. The workers were very precise and professional and finished the job in 2 days. They services my house and also made an exception to service my other property. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants professional and reliable roof.
Chris Sims
Sloped Roof Replacement, Excellent Work And Price
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I've used this company 3 separate times. I live in a condo and every time a unit has a roof leak I call THE ROOF WHISPERER. They are easy to work with and have fair prices. They are quick to come out for an estimate but depending if it is the rainy time of the year which is when they are most busy, it may take awhile for them to perform the repair.
James Zerrick
Sloped Roof Replacement, Excellent Work And Price
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Their staff are amazing! They are all very experienced professionals. I had a leak on our second story roof and they came out and fixed it without any trouble. I would definitely keep them in mind and recommend them to others.