| 17/11/2021

How to know when to replace your roof?

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof!

It’s up to you when to replace your roof. Taking care of maintenance now can keep you from disastrous consequences in the future – so don’t wait!

A leaky roof can lead to costly water damage to the contents of your home because you would have to prove that, after it occurred, you were looking after your roof. Imagine having to deal with the added stress of not being covered by insurance because of this incident.

6 simple tips for assessing when your roof needs repairing

Look for signs of damage and wear

One way to inspect your roof is by scaling the ladder and checking for some of the common signs that your roof needs repairing. The following are the four common signs you should look for:

If you have tiles, make sure to check for missing, broken or cracked tiles;
Metal roofs are generally more robust than other types, but it is worth checking for any sign of rust or damage.

Regular roof inspections

Having a professional roofing company to take a quick look at your roof will ensure that you know whether or not it needs to be repaired or repaired.  Weather conditions, the age of the roof, and the type of shingles will all affect its lifespan. If your roof isn’t properly maintained, it will start to leak on the inside of your home. Often, for routine inspections, the inspection company will provide analysis and cost estimates to replace your roof.

Roof warranty

One way to know if it’s time for a new roof is to check your roof warranty. Roof warranties come in two types: Limited and full. The limited warranty is the most common and provides coverage for only a few years, usually 10 to 15. This type of warranty is cheaper than a full warranty, but will need to be replaced sooner. A full warranty covers all parts of the roof and offers longer coverage, typically 20 or more years.

Is your roof the victim of frequent extreme weather events?

The more extreme the weather event, the more damage to the roof it will cause. Sometimes these events can be so severe that they cause your roof to completely cave in. If you’ve had two or more roof cave-ins in five years, for example, then it’s time to replace your roof.

Building Inspection Report

Before you purchase a property, most sellers will have it vetted by an inspector. Make sure your contract states what needs to be fixed if anything needs fixing-you might want to inquire about this specifically.

Look at how well the roof has been looked after?

Be sure to maintain your roof properly by cleaning it regularly and make sure no debris has accumulated. If gutters aren’t cleaned consistently, this can cause problems. If you or your home’s previous owner has not maintained the roof correctly, your roof’s lifespan will be shorter.

Having knowledgeable roofing experts on board ensures that you get the best advice when it comes to new roofs. Armed with their insights on new technology, repair and need for replacement, you will know the cost and consequences of the decision and be able to rest assured knowing that your home’s roof is in good hands.

For both commercial and residential property owners, act early before the damage becomes permanent.

Your roof is typically one of your biggest investments. If you want to make sure it lasts for decades, call The Roof Whisperer, the trusted Toronto roofing company.


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