Bathroom Fan Vent Replacement for Wild Ginger Ave Waterloo, ON

An extensive leak on bedroom ceiling was discovered by tenant. Landlord contacted our company and was kept informed throughout the roof repair process. Leak was coming from bathroom fan roof vent. Most of roofing companies fasten these vents with roofing nails right in the corners. Water goes under the vent flange and rusts the nails. Rust thins out the nails and they loose the grip on the roof deck. Once nails pop now we have holes on the roof. Water penetrates through these hole causing significant leaks.

We ended up removing the shingles around it, replaced all damaged plywood and waterproofed the area with ice and water shield. A new maximum ventilation vent was installed with closest match of rest of the roof shingles. Problem solved! Fixing any roof leak or preventing them you only have to call one roofing company which is The Roof Whisperer!

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