Chimney Flashing Repair for Duke St Hamilton, ON

We were contacted from customer because of a leak occurring down the chimney wall. After assessing the roof and chimney we found that chimney was built after flat roof installation. Membrane was cut around bricks and only caulking applied to joint of flat roof and chimney bricks. These type of areas are prone to leaks, they should be treated with some love and care. There are a couple of manufacturers that offer training to flat roofing specialists during winter months, but it all depends on the roofing company if they would pay for these courses. We do!

Customer agreed on solution and quote. Our flat roofing specialist did install two ply SBS membrane flashing, he bent a custom piece of flashing and installed as well after giving additional protection to any separation of membrane from bricks. It is very important to line up top of flashing with mortar joint, that is where caulking would adhere better and last longer.

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