Chimney Flashing Repair Hamilton, ON – Little John Rd

Chimney leak? No problem. The Roof Whisperer can perform state of the workmanship. Look at the details in the metal work! It looks perfect. Also, chimney will never leak from that chimney unless another roofing company messes it up when the time comes to replace the roof. After removing the old ugly flashing, We decided to ventilate the roof on both sides of the chimney by adding ridge vent shingle vent II. Shingles were matched in color and brand where removed, waterproofing membrane installed around chimney and up the walls. Sealant applied between bricks and membrane. And then beautiful flashing comes after leaving the chimney with waterproofing membrane only for a few weeks. We managed to beat the rain with just the membrane, let alone now that we have installed custom bent pre-painted metal steel .26 gauge.

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