Chimney Flashing Repair Hamilton, ON – Sterling St

Is this a beautiful chimney work? Yes indeed! Fantastic work completed by Albert.

One of the reasons why you should call The Roof Whisperer is that when we come out at your home, we look at every detail on the roof. Here we were called to assess a roof leak in front of the house next to an eyebrow window. We also found big issues with chimney flashing, broken bricks in the chimney, and holes on the flat roof. After we provided a detailed quotation to rectify all the issues, customer decided to hire our Hamilton roofing crew.

I am only going to describe here what work was done on the chimney since this post is about it. The roof was recently replaced but flashing was not, nor customer was warned about it or other issues with bricks and cracked mortar on top of concrete cap. We fixed them all by replacing broken bricks, replaced flashing with custom bent copper metal counter flashing, replaced loose and cracked mortar on top of chimney, tuck-pointed some brick joints, and waterproofed the top of chimney with liquid membrane (Alsan Flashing). This chimney will never leak again for at least 30 years knowing that shingles are new and made from a great shingle manufacturer GAF.

End Result:

A very happy customer and a leak free chimney.

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