Chimney Leak Repair for Mays Crescent, Waterdown ON

Customer contacted The Roof Whisperer firstly for a skylight leak and not for any chimney issues. Our experts will not only check on one issue but we will assess all roof components. In this case we found the chimney was leaking from concrete cap. It was cracked on top causing leaks through stone. Over time cold weather will cause breakage of bricks and stone causing more damage and increasing cost of repair. Masons are hard to find these days, which has increased cost of chimney rebuilds significantly.

After cleaning top of concrete we applied Alsan flashing liquid membrane on entire surface waterproofing top of chimney. This method will protect the chimney at least 10 years where we believe another coat is needed. All cracks were reinforced with reinforcement mesh tape 6 inches wide (Made in 🇺🇸).

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