Chimney Rebuild for Kimbark Blvd, Toronto, ON

The Roof Whisperer was hired from homeowner on this project for various work on the house, from flat and shingled roof replacement, 5 skylights replacement and chimney rebuild. We had to arrange all the crews and work in timely manner so we did not have to have delays or issues during this project.

Old roofing materials were removed first and after we rebuilt the chimney. Our mason is fast and efficient. Our roofing specialists helped him with tearing down the chimney and hauling all bricks on the roof. I guess he had an easy day!! After the chimney was rebuilt we installed shingles and metal flashing around. Every detail matters!!

We are very proud to offer these services, a complete home exterior Portofolio for every home in Toronto and Southern Ontario. Call us now for a smooth experience!

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