Chimney Repair, Tuckpointing for Pendrith St, Toronto ON

Client contacted our company to replace his roof but after assessing it, we found out that top of chimney needed some work as well. Many homeowners refuse to pay for our roof assessment services but they take the risk of salesperson missing or neglecting many roof issues. Also many roofing companies do not want to deal with a chimney repair while working on the roof, so either they cover up the issues or do not show them to homeowners at all. However our policies of care and pride does not allow anyone in our company to neglect anything.

Once roof material and wide counter flashing were removed we discovered that bricks hidden behind flashing were in need of repair. It does not take many skills to do tuck-pointing for any roofing specialist, it only takes will, care and time. This type of additional work will certainly be added to any roofing project in final invoice. Charges for additional work are clearly explained and detailed in every quote we sent to our customers.

As you can see in photos Klevis did a beautiful job in restoring some of crumbling mortar on top and brick joints. He used a 5 1/5 blade grinder and  Type N mortar mix to refill joints and top of chimney. Once mortar was dried we installed chimney flashing and waterproofed top of chimney with Alsan flashing.

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