Custom Fascia Capping Toronto, ON – At Chisholm Ave, East York

Interesting customer with great ideas in design and architecture even though Lei is software engineer. I liked his carport imported from Italy. Slick design! But let’s talk about his project:

The installation of the fascia capping posed a unique challenge due to the steel beam I profile that was secured with glass railing nuts and bolts. It was crucial for the fascia capping to be rigid and free from any ripples when the glass railing was installed. To address this, I proposed a solution that involved bending the thickest pre-painted steel sheets and attaching a 1/4″ inch MDF backing to them. Our trusted supplier expertly bent the metal sheets, ensuring they were carefully placed inside to prevent any scratches. Next, we cut the MDF panels to the appropriate size and securely glued them using liquid nail adhesive. Lastly, we strategically drilled holes in the fascia capping where the nuts and bolts would later hold the glass railing in place. By meticulously implementing this approach, we were able to achieve a seamless integration between the fascia capping and the glass railing system.

End Result:

  • Happy customer with particular requests and design requirements.
  • Beautiful ripple free fascia capping.
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