Emergency Flat Roof Leak Repair for Blantyre Ave, Scarborough ON

We have just invented a new roofing sport. I guess we will call it 2×6 roof boarding.
Customer’s negligence for several years to maintain flat roof by cleaning, removing debris and blockage from drainage scuppers resulted on a flat roof leak. Flat roof scuppers were clogged from leafs and dirt creating a pool of water on entire roof surface. I would say a little more than 6 inches deep. Emanuel was inventive to use wood boards, keeping his feet dry. He was able to clear all debris from all four scuppers. Water then drained down the downspouts. After all water was drained he cleaned up all debris on the roof. A total of 6 garbage bags.
Even though there were 6 inches of water, roof was not leaking at that point. It indicated to us that when water was higher when it rained it leaked. So now we did not really waste our time to look for any holes on the roof surface, but we began looking on parapet walls. Finally Emanuel was able to pin point the issue and sealed it with our bullet proof material called Alsan flashing made by Soprema, which is one of the largest manufacturers of flat roofing materials in Canada.