Flat Roof Repair Aurora ON – At 15543 Yonge St

We recently received a request for a flat roof repair in Aurora. The client’s commercial building had been experiencing some issues, including downspout problems and the need for rooftop snow removal during heavy snowfall. However, this time, our attention was focused on repairing the pitch pocket where the AC unit cables and tubes penetrated the roof. Upon inspection, we discovered that the roof cement inside the galvanized steel custom-made pocket had dried out and cracked, leading to water penetration into the storage area. To rectify the situation, we diligently dried out the surrounding area and applied Alsan flashing with mesh reinforcing tape to ensure a durable repair. Our team of experts ensured that every step was taken to prevent any further water damage. With our expertise in flat roof repair, we were able to restore the integrity of the building’s roof and provide our client with peace of mind.

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