Flat Roof Repair for Kennedy Ave, Toronto, ON

Roof Issue

Parapet wall capping was loose and missing. Masonry crew hired from homeowner did not complete the project or advised to hire a roofing company to water proof the top of parapet wall. Uncompleted project resulted in water damage inside garage walls.


After our roofing specialist removed all loose pieces of capping a 2×10 board was installed and fastened with tapcon screws on bricks. Top of boards were then waterproofed with SBS base membrane on entire parapet wall perimeter. Aluminum drip edge metal was added on each side of the parapet wall. Custom bent cap panels were installed on top and locked onto drip edge metal with standing seams on all joints.

End Result

A waterproof and maintenance free parapet wall for many years to come and a happy customer.

Jobsite Location

Flat Roof Repair for Kennedy Ave, Toronto, ON