Flat Roof Replacement for Densley Ave, Toronto ON

Previous customer had an issue with roof overhang in her commercial building. We came to the rescue since different tasks were required to fix the issue. Weight of snow and poor structure design since it was build caused the overhang to fall about 8 inches down.  Carpentry work to replace broken joists, brick replacement and tuck-pointing, cladding replacement, reinforcement structure with steel frame square profiles, flat roofing membrane installation were required to bring this flat roof overhang to optimum conditions. This type of work requires will to get involved, and deliver results. I would say only general contractors can deliver what we did here, even though it may look like a small job, but coordinating and putting all the pieces together is just like on a bigger project. Here at The Roof Whisperer, we love projects like this because not only we showcase our skills, but also we make it easy for commercial business owners to repair their flat roof leaks. Please browse photos to see some of the work that was completed and call us if you have a challenging flat roof issue.

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