Flat Roof Replacement Toronto, ON – Appleton Ave

Having been aware of the inevitable need for a flat roof replacement, our previous customer decided to take a proactive approach. She didn’t want to wait for a disaster to strike. Although there were no visible water leaks inside, once we started removing the old roof membranes, water unexpectedly surfaced between and beneath the layers of roofing membrane. After meticulously removing all layers of roofing material, we uncovered some decayed wood that was promptly replaced. Additionally, we also repaired a corner of the roof during the process. There was also a big dip in the middle of the roof from the house setting over the years (more than 100) which we had to rectify. Insulation boards were used to fill the depression on the roof deck and 1.5 inch Poly-Iso was added to add protection against the direct heat from sun in the summer. It can called cool roof since the membrane installed is very light grey color plus the insulation installed. SBS self adhered Soprema flat roofing membranes system is installed here. We have eliminated the use flammable membranes avoiding any risk in burning the homes we work on. If you follow the news on TV, there were two cases of spread out fire in new neighbourhoods in GTA if you remember.

End Result:

Beautiful roof (the best in the neighbourhood) and a very happy customer!

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