Metal Roof Installation For Clinton St, Toronto ON

Client contacted our company in the midst of major roof leak caused from shingle wear and tear and animal damage combined. After a roof assessment was performed and quote provided, homeowner decided to hire our company. We dispatched immediately two of our brave men Mitchel and Klevis to tarp the south side. A few days later we began the process of replacing the roof. DECRA  is the manufacture of our  choice when it comes to metal roofing products in the Toronto area. You can choose from asphalt shingle look to cedar shakes one. After waterproofing the roof with right membranes we did install DECRA Shangle XD panels. All other roofing protrusions such as vents and flashing were installed in metal to match life span of metal panels. Project was a challenge due to access, pitch and height but good will and faith can make happen beautiful things.

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