Overhang Rebuild for Wychwood Park, Toronto, ON

This street is a hidden gem in our lovely city of Toronto. Our company was referred from a lovely lady, this customer needed to rebuild two sides of roof overhang damaged from raccoons, squirrels and birds. It was a difficult task where a scaffolding needed to be built front and side of house over a garage roof and protecting the greenery. Most of wood on existing fascia and soffit was rotten. Tip of rafters were also rotten from water coming from roof.

We took everything apart from 3 ft roof along eaves perimeter, fascia and soffit. All rafters were sistered as seen in photos, tongue and groove pine soffit boards installed, new fascia boards, ice and water shield installed in bottom 3 ft required by building code, shingles were matched to existing ones, all new wood was primed and painted (we are not just roofers ehhh!), new gutter was installed from our hard working aluminum crew, scaffolding was taken down and removed from property. Lots of hard and meticulous work, type of work that not many roofing company will take on due to lack of skills and will to take pride in their work.

End Result:

A happy and satisfied customer and animal free roof overhang!

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