Porch Roof Replacement for Dufferin St, Toronto ON

“Care” is one of the most discussed words amongst our staff. Care about quality, care about coworkers, care about homeowners property, tools, neighbours etc. This porch roof replacement shows that. We care not to neglect! Once shingles were removed, our roofing specialists discovered this mess shown in photos, where edge of roof and fascia boards were rotten. We did take our time to replace everything that was rotten and damaged even though in some cases it does not make sense to us financially. However we go the extra mile, because The Roof Whisperer CARES!

Roofing specialists ended up sistering roof rafters. Ohhh, yes we use chalkline end to end to make sure everything is straight from rafters to fascia and soffit. New fascia boards and aluminum soffit panels were installed, roof deck rotten portion was replaced as well. Porches are not heated areas therefore ice and water shield membrane is not required in bottom 3 ft. Drip edge and fascia capping installed, plus new gutter and downspout.

End Result:

A happy customer and best looking porch roof on the street!


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