Porch Roof Retrofit and Carpentry for Clinton St, Toronto ON

Client contacted our company to provide a solution for sloped porch roof turning it onto a sitting area. After an assessment was performed and a quotation was sent from Arthur, client decided to hire our company. Client trusted us since we do have have tons of experience with these type of projects.

We demolished porch roof, ceiling and all framing besides posts. Tom which we believe is one of the best carpenters in Canada did reframe everything from joists to roof deck, cedar soffit and fascia installation, cedar tongue and groove ceiling, and railing. Also Elstructure ( stucco contractor) was involved in the project by helping us with stucco work.

Flexstone  four component membrane had to be applied on roof deck. This type of liquid membrane is considered to be a green product for any flat roof installation. Also this membrane substitute the need to install a wood deck on top, saving money on purchasing additional wood deck lumber, also easy to be repaired in case of any leaking or material defect.

After cutting window frame, We installed a door made by AWA Windows and Doors on Geary Ave. Interior finish carpentry around door was finished from Tom, our carpenter.

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