Roof Replacement for Wantanopa Cres, Scarborough, ON

We received a call from this client after heavy rain. Shingles had deteriorated from wear and tear, especially on the south side. This is typical for a brand of shingles I do not want to mention in this post. We offered the homeowner a temporary repair by installing a synthetic roofing membrane on a section of the roof. The cost for all our temporary roof repairs will be reimbursed 50% if a roof replacement is needed.

Once all roofing materials were removed, we closed the existing vents so we could install a better exhaust attic ventilation system. Maximum Ventilation exhaust vent #301 is installed to improve the airflow. Landmark shingles (colour: Pewter) from Certainteed are installed as well. These shingles enhance the look of your home, and we strongly recommend them.

Also what we had to do here was fix the chimney. The concrete cap was broken and water had damaged all mortar joints and we had to tuck-point it. Please the slide show for before and after pictures.

Another happy customer, so when you need a repair or roof replacement you know who to call!

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