Roof Replacement North York, ON- At Plateau Crescent

The customer contacted us because he noticed a potential roof leak. Concerned about the age of the roof, they wanted to take proactive measures to prevent any water damage. Our team of experts promptly inspected the roof and identified areas that required immediate attention. By addressing these issues early on, we were able to save the customer from potentially costly repairs in the future. All shingles were removed and attic ventilation was improved by removing static roof vents and adding ridge ventilation. As part of the roofing project, our team took the necessary steps to optimize the attic ventilation system. In addition to removing the existing static roof vents, we also implemented a more effective solution by adding ridge ventilation. This upgrade ensures that fresh air circulates properly throughout the attic space, preventing moisture build-up and potential issues such as mold or rot. By improving the attic ventilation, we have not only enhanced the overall functionality of your roofing system but also contributed to a healthier indoor environment for you and your family. After carefully waterproofing the roof with a high-quality membrane and installing drip edge metal along all the roof edges, we opted for the reliable Landmark Certainteed shingles to complete the installation. Not only did this ensure superior protection against the elements, but it also added a touch of timeless elegance to the overall aesthetic. As part of our comprehensive service, we also took the opportunity to replace two large skylights at the back of the roof, further enhancing natural light and ventilation within the space.

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