Roof Top Snow,Icicles and Ice Dam Removal in Burlington

During large snowstorms in your area, your first thoughts might be to shovel your driveway and sidewalks. But have you put thought into what can happen to your roof? Up to 12 inches of snow, or an inch of ice can put your house in danger of a roof collapse. That’s why it’s important to know what precautions you should take to keep your home safe. From common injuries and tips to remove, to handling ice, gutters, and using roofers in Burlington, use this guide to ensure your home’s safety this winter.

Most Common Injuries

When clearing off snow from your roof, it is crucial to keep safety as your top priority. Slips and falls are one of the most common injuries homeowners endure when trying to clear snow off their roof. This could be due to ice or improper balance using a ladder, or unsafe conditions on the surface of the roof if you try to stand it to brush off snow. Also, removing snow can be a time consuming and tasking project. If not wearing protective gear to keep warm, you could subject yourself to frost bite.

When to Call the Pros

Since there are so many risks in clearing off your roof due to snow and ice, makes sure you have your local roofing specialist in your phone. By having them at quick access, you can reach out as you discover issues with your roof. The quicker they can be cared for, the safer you will be in your home. They will be able to care for the common types of winter roof damage that a roof repair expert in Burlington can fix.

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Removing Snow on Roofs in Burlington

To help you safely remove snow, you can aim to do much of the job without standing on the roof at all. First, use a ladder that has been deiced to help you avoid falls. Also, wear a pair of shoes that are non-skip and non-skid. Next, incest in snow rakes that you can pull snow off the roof from the ground, or middle part of your ladder. From there, you can shovel the snow away into other areas. If you must go on your roof, make sure you are wearing protective gear to help you in the event in a fall. However, when it double, you can always contact your local roofer to assist.

Dealing With Ice in Burlington

Ice on a roof can be destructive. An inch of ice can lead to an increased risk for added weight on your roof. It can also build up in gutters, causing them to sag or even break. As heat on the interior of your home builds and warms your roof, snow will melt—causing it to ice up in areas the heat is no longer there. So, while the icicles may look pretty dangling from your home, it can be very problematic. Make sure you familiarize yourself on how to get rid of ice dams to avoid these issues.

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