Roof Window Installation for Concession St, Newmarket ON

After tiresome search to find a skylight contractor in Newmarket area, customer finally clicked in the right website, The Roof Whisperer one. As you may know finding someone to install a roof window will be a challenge, no one seems to take the time and learn our roofing trade. We the good ones are disappearing, where incompetent work force is taking over. It is good business for us but few options for consumers.

In this particular project challenge was metal roof, access, safety, and right choice of product. Customer had ordered a triple pane laminated glass skylight through Home Depot, but that was not the right solution for his situation. He was able to cancel the order. We ended up installing a roof window, code GPL SK06 made from Velux Skylights. This product is ideal to be used in attic conversions. It is cost effective and substitutes dormers allowing plenty of light to come in the room. Blinds can be installed if needed or requested. Custom bent flashing combined with the one provided from Velux were installed.

End Result:

Happy Customer with plenty of daylight in his new room!

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