Shingle Repair Oakville – For Devonshire Cres

After discovering shingle pieces hanging from the gutters, a concerned customer reached out to our roofing company for assistance with roof repair. Understanding the urgency, we promptly sent one of our skilled technicians, Elton, to the site to assess the situation. Upon inspection, Elton identified numerous missing shingles on the western side of the roof. The primary cause for this issue was the presence of two adjacent houses that created a wind tunnel effect, resulting in an increased wind speed directed towards the roof. Fortunately, Elton was able to find a close match to the existing Certainteed XT25 shingles, which have been discontinued for a few years now. This allowed us to protect the home temporarily. However, we strongly recommended a complete roof replacement to ensure long-term durability and prevent future issues. We do fully reimburse any roof repair cost when you decide to hire The Roof Whisperer for any roof replacment.

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