Shingle Roof Repair for Cranbrooke Ave, Toronto ON

Customer approached The Roof Whisperer after noticing a leak on his second floor ceiling. He tried to contact a reputable company he used before but unfortunately they closed their doors in the beginning of this year for good. He chose to use our services since we are the only company in Southern Ontario specialized in roof repairs. We offer roof repair services 7 days/week anywhere from Kitchener, down to Hamilton, east to Oshawa and up north in Barrie. Our roof repair prices are transparent and upfront. Either they can be found under FAQ’s on our website or if you make a quick call we will be able to communicate our prices over the phone.

On this roof we found two shingles blown off from wind. They were replaced with closest colour and also a roof tune up was performed by sealing exposed nails and around other protrusions. Also Emanuel after noticing missing shingles next door, he let the neighbour know about taking the risk of a roof leak. Neighbour called our office and we were able to send Emanuel back in the same day to save another roof from a future water leak.

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