Maibec Wood Siding Installation for Lyall Ave, Toronto ON

Project Requirements

Our company was referred to this client from a previous client where we installed a Hardie Board siding system.

This house is registered under Heritage Conservation, so we had to closely match all details and materials installed more than 100 years ago.

Project Proposal
A detailed quotation was provided to homeowners including supplying all materials and installation of them according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Rigid insulation, waterproofing membranes, strapping for wood siding breathing purpose, Maibec rabbeted bevel brushed face genuine wood siding and trim boards needed to be special ordered to complete this siding project.

The Process
1 inch ridged insulation board installed right on top of wall sheathings to add R value to the entire house.

Tyvek HomeWrap was installed with plastic button head nails for secure fastening.
Strapping installation was a challenge because we wanted to line them up with wall studs eliminating screws showing on cavities between wall studs.
Siding was installed on three sides of the house and trim boards around windows, door, inside and outside corners.

We also had to rebuild overhang on two sides of the house due to rotten wood and squirrels activity over many decades of neglect, from previous homeowner of course.
Tongue and groove soffit were installed to match front of the house. 4 in. rounded louvered vents were installed on two sides providing air intake for attic space meeting Ontario’s Building Code.

K gutters and new drainage system needed to be installed to complete this beautiful project.

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