Skylight Installation Etobicoke ON – At Benedict Rd

Our fast response to any call separates us from other companies. In this case contractor that was doing a thorough renovation did call us to install a new skylight where time was factor. It needed to be installed within 3 days. The Roof Whisperer did deliver on time! A Velux skylight fixed curb mount 4646 with clean comfort plus glazing (4×4 differently identified) installed with proper flashing kit. I have to mention “proper flashing kit” because many roofing contractors  cheat when installing Velux skylights. They do tend to save money by installing their own made flashing. Risk of installing your own flashing is that you are relying in the skills of your technician where lots of knoledge is required and not the product itself.

If you as homeowner should be prepared and educate yourself on type of products so the warranty will stand and right parts are installed.


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