Skylight Installation Toronto – For Landsdowne Ave

Great decision to add a skylight in dark areas on the 3rd floor, especially for a typical townhouse in Downtown Toronto. The Roof Whisperer was hired to install a new skylight on the third floor of the townhouse where the attic was being converted into a living area. I will try to explain in detail the scope of the work:

  • Removal of shingles in the area where the skylight is to be installed
  • Removal of the roof deck in the same area.
  • Removal of spray foam insulation in the new skylight opening.
  • Frame the skylight opening.
  • Install new skylight (Velux GGL MK06)
  • Install a new Velux Flashing Kit and new shingles matching the existing ones.
  • Removal and disposal of all job-related debris.

End Results:

  • A very bright room
  • Happy customer
  • No leak skylight
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