Skylight Replacement for Greenbriar Dr, Oakville ON

Customer approached The Roof Whisperer after noticing water leaks around two skylights in front of house. Arthur did the assessment and took measurements on what we could do to upgrade quality and energy efficiency of new skylights. We proposed to install instead of two plexiglass curb mount skylights, two new energy i89 fixed FS D06 Velux skylights. New energy i89 is the latest glass glazing improvement  of Velux skylights. After we removed a few shingles we discovered that previous roofing company did not take its time to fully remove old shingles due to difficulty of pulling them from roof deck. Excessive ice and water shield was used around curb. Since skylight was not airsealed properly, moisture was escaping from home and getting trapped between ice and water shield membrane and wood roof deck as you can see it on a couple pictures on slide above. New shingles and new flashing kit were used to fully water-tightened around skylight. Emanuel did apply sealant to close all gaps between drywall and new skylight frame. After, trim boards were installed to give it a nice finish look.

Also while on the site we noticed that bathroom fan was improperly vented on a regular roof exhaust vent. We suggested to customer to put a flapper type which was added next to existing vent.

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