Skylight Replacement for Hemingway Pl, Waterloo On

Customer contacted us after noticing black spots on wood frame of skylight and some water dripping on stairs. After assessing the skylight we ended up scheduling the replacement once customer agreed on quotation we sent via email. All our quotes are very detailed and stand out from many of our competitors. We do explain in details all warranties, scope of work and also send links to products and similar projects so customer can make a more informed decision.

After removing the old skylight we had to use some of our imagination shaped up through many years of experience. Old skylight was not a standard size so we had to do some new rough framing and trim work. All waterproofing underlayment were installed with flashing kit used and new Velux skylight. We ended up installing a blind as well controlled remotely.

Another happy customer and leak free skylight for decades to come!

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