Skylight Replacement For Manchester Rd, Kitchener ON

Client contacted our company after we did replace a skylight for his daughter a few blocks away in Kitchener as well. If you look in our home page job sites map, you would notice that projects completed from The Roof Whisperer are everywhere in Southern Ontario. That is because we cover a large service area with roof repair and skylight services. We are able to help many people in these communities across Southern Ontario, where there are not many roof repair and skylight specialists.

In this project we found that a deck mounted Velux skylight was installed many years ago on a very low slope roof. Deck mounted skylights are designed to be installed in a certain roof pitch which is above 3/12 or 14°. We ended up providing a solution by removing membrane around old skylight, built a new wood curb, reflashed curb with two ply SBS membrane. We used spray foam insulation to close all gaps and used trim boards to finish the interior. A curb mount Velux skylight was installed to complete the project.

End Result

Another happy customer, another non leaky skylight for decades to come, and a proud Roof Whisperer!