Skylight Replacement and Roof Repair for Willow Rd, Guelph ON

Customer contacted The Roof Whisperer due to a couple leaks around skylight and above kitchen ceiling. Leaks around skylights were caused from poor workmanship in air-sealing around edges and improper nailing of skylight flashing. There was no other way around it to fix but replace it. In photos you can see step by step the process of replacing a skylight on shingled roof. After removing the skylight you can clearly see in a couple pictures where there is a wide gap between wood frame and drywall. Cold air was coming from attic creating a condensation and leak on all four sides of skylight. Spray foam was applied to close all those gaps.

Also we did provide a roof repair for the leak caused where hip shingles meet bottom of upper section of roof. Care, experience and anticipation make a difference when installing a roof. It saves thousands of dollars in damages and also a leak free roof and piece of mind for any homeowner.

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