Skylight Replacement in Kitchener, ON – Joseph Schoerg Cres

We take pride in our fast skylight replacement services in Kitchener ON. The customer contacted us on Wednesday afternoon, scheduled an assessment for Thursday and the skylight was replaced on Saturday. While working on interior renovation homeowner noticed a leak coming from the top of the skylight. Plexiglass panes were broken. Also, the skylight curb was a bit larger than the required measurements. Albert, our skylight specialist trimmed the outside of the wood curb so he could fit the flashing provided by the skylight manufacturer. It is very important to our company that we rigorously follow the manufacturer’s instructions and requirements. As you can see the final product looks good. It actually looks great. Another aspect of our work is making sure to closely match the existing shingle colour. If you run into a situation with a leaky skylight you know who to call? It is always The Roof Whisperer

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