Skylight Replacement on Metal Roof for Concession Rd 9, Clarington, ON

This skylight replacement was a challenge because metal roof. Metal roofs are very slippery and you can not make holes on the roof to fasten scaffolding or jacks with planks. On standing seam roof yes you can use jacks designed for metal roofs but this interlock system does not give you much room to play with.
However, we managed to set up our ladders with hooks on the peak and fasten our safety ropes on the other side of the roof onto a tree trunk. Metal roof panels were carefully removed, ice and water shield membrane installed around the skylight, custom flashing and pre-manafactured installed as well. I have to mention one more fact if you can clearly see it in a couple of photos where we applied spray foam in the gaps between wood trim panels and rough skylight frame blocking any air draft coming from attic.
I also have to mention another fact after we received feedback from customer. Four roofing contractors were called from this homeowner including The Roof Whisperer, one lowballed the project tremendously, two of them did get back but could not take on the project due to difficulty, and the last one was us. Our prices justify our quality workmanship, the quality of our services and our ironclad warranty. Our skylight specialist are very well trained and their workmanship quality is controlled in every step.
Call us now if you want a worry free skylight for many decades to come.

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