Skylight Replacements for Lumley Ave, Toronto ON

Customer contacted us after having leaks in one of the skylights. House and roof were only 4 years old. After we assessed both of them and rest of the roof, we proposed to replace both skylights with high quality products made from Velux. Velux skylights come in flat glass for this type of application, so in order to have a cleaner glass, we have to create some slope on the frame, so rain can wash any dust collecting on the glass itself. Once rough lumber is used to reframe and re-slope, we offer services to finish the interior as well. Flat roof membrane was degranulated to create a better bonding area with new membrane flashing. This is a process which will ensure adhesion between new and existing membranes. I guess pictures speak for themselves when it comes to quality of work. Aesthetics are important to us, even though homeowners can not see the work from ground level. Care and pride are two human qualities that separate us from many other roofing companies. Proof is of that is this particular case.

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