Skylight Replacements on Metal Roof for Neilor Cres, Etobicoke ON

Skylights do not last forever. If they were on your roof for more than 30 years and you did not have any leaks, it means workmanship in installing them was superb and type and skylights were great products when installed. After 25- 30 years on the roof skylights do tend to leak because seal on glass dries out and breaks, glass cracks or other factors related to drastic change in temperature. I always say number one reason of skylights leaking is the installer. Flashing details are a very important element. Greed and cutting corners has ruined the reputation of skylights in general.

In this case was about time to replace them. Customer decided to have installed vented power skylights made by Velux, and a blind in one of them. Metal roofs are a challenge for many contractors, but not for us. Our skylight specialists are trained to handle any roof system. Cost of replacement varies from height of building, access, size and roof system. Also when retrofitting to different sizes increases the cost.

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