Slate and Flat Roof Replacement for Grace St, Toronto, ON

Previous customer contacted our company to replace flat roof in rear of home. It was leaking badly. However slate roof adjacent to flat roof was in bad condition too. A quotation was sent to remove existing roof deck (ugly one) remove and reinstall iron railing, which required a welder to put it back together, remove all layers of flat and slate roof, rebuild flat roof as it was sagging, install a new two ply SBS membrane on flat roof, installation of aluminum capping on window and door, installation of synthetic slate imitation tiles. Let’s pause for a second here by explaining to everyone that these tiles are not slate. A slate roof is a slate roof but this synthetic material is an imitation of it. So we refuse to call them “synthetic slates” like many other roofing contractor. However this material bring a new appeal to your house, but we are not sure what the lifespan and durability of this material will be for how many years to come. Please browse through photos to see this beautiful work we did. We do take pride in our work to the very little details. Good workmanship and use of materials that last for a long time is a way to save our planet from these greedy individuals that do poor workmanship in every job or make and sell materials that only last a few years. Educating customers on pros and cons of different materials quality is another way that a customer can make a wise decision for their home.

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