Slate Roof Repair Repair for Logan Ave Toronto, ON

Client contacted The Roof Whisperer after having a hard time to find a reputable slate roof repair company in Toronto east end. Slate roof work is a dying trade, but we as a company do take our time to train all of our employees to learn it and continue to apply the skills required.

Reaching different areas on slate roof requires some skills and safety precautions since it is slippery and easy to break the material. We do use roof jacks and planks at bottom of roof to be able to reach the top where we hook our safety gears. Nails will have to be fully pulled and if any broken piece removed. We carry in our warehouse old slates removed from other projects, so we can at least try to blend in as much as possible with existing ones. Fastening slates by hiding nails is a technique many roofing specialists do not know or apply it. Here at The Roof Whisperer we rely and apply methods that were used even 400-500 years ago.

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