Slate roof repair in Toronto for High Park Ave

Why replace a beautiful slate roof when you can save it?

We were contacted from a customer that loves to protect our earth. He did not really want to replace a beautiful slate roof with asphalt shingles, which in my opinion are one of worst human being creations. The Roof Whisperer came to the rescue while others were driven to install a dirty roofing material like asphalt shingles that pollute our earth and our livelihood. You would probably wonder now if The Roof Whisperer installs asphalt roofing shingles after being so critical, and the answer is we are shifting soon to exclusively install cedar shingles, composite recycled roofing materials and slate roofs only. We have also increased our prices for asphalt shingles trying to discourage homeowners that trust us, to consider an option of green roofing material.

In this particular project our slate specialists did spend about two days going over every course of slates replacing what was cracked, missing or slipped. This project was actually completed a few years ago, now that I drive by (Arthur), I feel a sense of pride for avoiding and protecting our city from materials that pollute our land and our country, CANADA.

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