Slate Roof Replacement for Crawford St, Toronto ON

Customer contacted contacted our company after their general contractor realized that was not able to complete a project where many details needed much attention, putting all components together by hiring different contractors was going to be hard and costly. The Roof Whisperer came to the rescue of this homeowner by taking over this complex project from a Toronto roofing company standpoint.

I can confidentially declare that there is not one roofing company in Toronto or Ontario to handle a project like this. But we are. Mostly has to do with lack of experts in carpentry, wood trim work, framing, roof work, metal flashings, and brick work. Putting all these pieces together is impossible for 99.99% of roofing contractors in Toronto since most of them focus in making a sale and not providing solutions. Our goal is to provide best solutions and best roofing practices, then cost and price comes after. If your intentions as homeowner are to have a worry free and top of the line product you are reading in the right website. So just pick up the phone and call us now!

However we will try to explain with a few words what was done on this project:

• Framing. Entire porch roof was reframed because wood was mostly rotten from years of negligence. Many homeowners in our city do not really take pride in their home. This is very sad!

• Baywindow. Tom our carpenter was able to reconfigure shape of bay window from 4 into 3 windows. Customer had an eye for details.  New fascia boards select pine were custom cut and installed. We also installed MDF boards for exterior use.

• Roof Installation. Roof was removed and all proper underlayment installed. Making sure a roof is watertight before installing shingles or any other material is very important. It is the second line of defence. Composite slate looking tiles made from Certainteed (Symphony) were installed to compliment this great looking semidetach house.

• Trim Boards. Tongue and groove select cedar boards were installed on porch ceiling from “I know to do everything” Chris, select non knotty pine wood boards on fascia installed where needed.

• Brick Work. Parapet wall was crumbling on north side of house. Our mason Altin did tuckpoint it and replaced some bricks restoring the original look. Many roofing companies would just install an ugly metal capping but we are not like them. Difference is care. The Roof Whisperer cares!

• Siding. Ohh Beautiful wood siding. Natural products enhance the look of every house. Every cut was custom and painted all ends. Fraser Siding board and batten was used for this project. Proud of this work!!

• Painting. Paulo from Paulo’s Painting helped us finish the project by clear-coating cedar ceiling and painting all fascias and soffits in white.

End Result:

A very happy customer! Best solutions applied with quality and care. Drive by home exterior ideas displayed!

If you have any questions where this project is located, either call us or drive south of Queen St on Crawford, you will find it midway on your right.

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