Top Chimney Leak Fixed For Chartwell Rd, Oakville ON

While working on the same neighbourhood customer did ask one of our specialists to look at chimney that was rebuilt from another contractor. Everything looked great but some cracks on top of chimney. These cracks will allow water to penetrate through, and eventually damage bricks and mortar joints within a few years. We proposed to waterproof top of chimney with a trusted product called Alsan Flashing used for flat roofs made by Soprema. Alsan Flashing is very elastic membrane which is durable to cracks and movements. It should be applied in warm weather unless winter grade is used for lower temperatures. If you would like to know about your chimney condition, please do not hesitate to call us for an assessment. Our assessment fee is only $98+hst. (this fee will be honoured till 2023 if increased till then)