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Chimney Flashing Services

Chimney Flashing Services Starting at $499
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What is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is a metal or plastic cover that covers the top of your chimney to prevent water from entering the chimney. It is important to install a proper flashing to protect your home from water damage and mold. A leaky roof can be caused by many factors. A common one is when water penetrates through the chimney flashing. This can happen due to improper installation, age of the flashing, or corrosion of metal on top of the flashing.

Flashing is a protective layer of material that is installed on the roofing to prevent water from leaking. There are two types of flashing: sheet metal and metal roofing.

Sheet metal flashing is used for protecting the seams between different materials in roofs, such as shingles and tiles. It can also be installed at the end of a row of shingles or tiles to protect the edge from water penetration.

Metal roofing material can be used for flashings too, but it is mainly used for protecting chimneys, valleys, and other areas prone to heavy rain or snow run-off. Metal flashing needs to be installed on top of the chimney before it’s covered with mortar or stucco.

It’s important to know that chimneys need flashing too. A chimney flashing is often made from metal, plastic, or rubber. It is designed to seal the joint between the chimney and its roof cap, preventing water from leaking into the house.

Here are some extra things you need to know about chimney flashing:

– Chimney flashing is made out of metal or plastic

– It can be installed on the top of your roof’s roofing material – The most common type of roofing material for a chimneys are asphalt shingles, wood shakes, clay tiles, slate shingles, or metal roofs.

– Chimneys are usually found at the center of the house and they have four sides which means that there will be four flanges on each side of the chimney.


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Benefits of Chimney Flashing:

A lot of homeowners are not aware about the benefits of chimney flashing. There are various benefits associated with it such as: –

– Protects against water, ice and snow from penetrating into the home or building.

– Prevents damage to interior walls from moisture.

– Prevents wood from rotting and cracking due to high humidity levels inside the chimney.

– Reduces risk of fire by preventing sparks from entering through cracks in the chimney.

What Can I Expect During a Chimney Flashing?

There are many things that need to be done before flashing a chimney.

Some of those things include inspecting the chimney for cracks and other damages, checking if there is enough clearance between the chimney and any combustible materials, checking if there are any signs of water seepage or moisture on the bricks or mortar, checking if there is any sign of animal infestation inside the chimneys etc.

Chimneys are often the most overlooked part of a house or business, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. The Roof Whisperer will provide a thorough assessment and address any potential problems that may arise. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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