| 21/05/2020

The Issue:
23 year old skylight leaking on both bottom corners. Roof was replaced three years ago but not the skylight. It is very important when any homeowner decides to replace the roof on their homes, to replace any skylight as well unless skylight was replaced recently. Roofing materials do not outlast skylights, vice versa.

The Fix:
Usage of suction cups to carry new and old skylights up and down the roof are good tools to have them in trucks. After removing the old one we did install a new Velux S06 deck mounted skylight, comfort glazing matching the existing opening on drywall. Wrapping the new skylight with ice water shield that comes with manufacturer flashing is a must in our Canadian climate. Closest match to brand and colour were used to tie in existing roof with the new skylight.

End Result:
A happy customer and a leak free skylight! 😀

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