Standard Slate Roof Installation and Repair by Roof Whisperer

Why should you pick us for your slate roofing projects?

Our workers have immense knowledge in the field of slate roofing, and they know which structure would be best for your roof and what kind of slate roofing installation. We also provide custom slate roof designs, based on your requirements and demands. for an example ,getting a customized design while getting a slate roof installed, is one of the ways in which you can get your house decorated according to your own choice. If you can’t figure out on your own about which customized design to choose, our professional staff is always there to assist you with anything you need help with. In this case, they will advise you about which kind of design will be perfect for your house/office, keeping in mind the existing decor and structure.

Slate Roof installation and Repairs

Slate Roof installation and Repairs

Professional Slate Roof Installation and Repair

We guarantee that the material used for slate roofing will be of rich and first hand quality, and won’t need replacement for quite a long time, if kept clean and well maintained. Slate roofing is a very popular choice for homeowners when it comes to choosing materials for manufacturing or renovation of their home, however; roofs, the reason being their classier appearance and long life. In fact, 150 years is a reasonable expectation of a roof’s longevity if the roof is properly constructed.” Compared to the average life of 20-30 years of roofing materials, slate roofing beats those odds and has been a popular choice by many constructors and roofing companies for quite some time now.